In-Situ Laser Cladding

For the right size job, now the whole laser cladding system can be transported to your site for refurbishment of large compenents or parts and components which are costly to disassemble and/or transport such as Turbine blades, Valve seats, valve chests, etc.

All metallic parts can benefit from this state of the art technology. Longer service lives can be achieved by carefully selecting a deposit alloy with better physical and mechanical characteristics than those of the original parts.

Major alloys deposited with laser:
  • Stainless Steel 316L, 420 and 431
  • Stellite family alloys: Stellite6, 21, ...
  • Tungsten Carbide/Ni composite
  • Tool Steel (H13, P20, etc)
  • Monel 400
  • Inconel alloys
  • Chrome Molly Vanadium alloys
  • Alloy of your choice

Advantage of Laser Cladding:
  • Minimal heat input to the part
  • Little or no distortion of parts
  • Perfect metallurgical bond between deposit and the substrate
  • Deposit a wide range of different metals on any metal part
  • Economically competitive process
  • Fast turnaround times
  • No cracks. No porosity. No delaminations. No defects.

Contact us to discuss your enquiry with one of our highly qualified metallurgist and laser cladding experts.


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